About Us

Hofstetter is a full-service light art illuminations provider that works with clients to create  and develop the visuals for their projections through light art production, events, film and design services.  Combined with a customized communication strategy, Hofstetter works closely with clients to provide for their event, PR, film and marketing needs, including but not limited to premieres, cultural ceremonies, art expositions and national campaigns.

Hofstetter’s light art installation services include bringing the projectors and team assigned to manage the projectors, organizing the needed transportation, obtaining the necessary permissions to carry out the event, composing the music for the show, organizing the photographers, producing a film about the show and consulting how the media work should be organized.

Hofstetter has created tailor-made light art expeditions and performances for cultural partners, government organizations, foundations, corporate institutions and private donors.


Céline Hofstetter


Celine Hofstetter has always had a passion for art, travel and creativity.  At a young age, she began traveling around the world with her father doing light installations. Her globe-trotting taught her to appreciate not only the physical beauty of other countries, but the beauty of the people she encountered.

From the wondrous icebergs in Greenland to the grandiose cathedrals in Spain, Celine draws inspiration from her surroundings. She enjoys connecting with and learning from people of all backgrounds. She studies the aspects of the local culture, from the intricacies of their languages to the pride of they harbor for their heritage. It is from these interactions that Celine is able to create tailored light installations that represent each unique culture she has encountered.

Educated in Switzerland, Celine combines her Business Marketing degree with her cultural appreciation to form a fresh outlook to creating light installation. Her campaigns incorporate her art with marketing strategy, branding, PR and communications. Though exploring the world and creating customized light installations brings Celine immense joy, it is in no way comparable to the feeling she receives from watching the reactions of those amazed by her artistry.

Celine Hofstetter is a talented artist with a creative vision and a passion for innovation. Spreading love through the translation of light, Celine brings a warmth and originality to every project she works on.


Gerry Hofstetter


Gerry Hofstetter, born in 1962, lives and works in Zumikon, Switzerland. In 1995 the Swiss artist began an international company, “Hofstetter Marketing,” which specializes in light art, communications, events, design and film productions. Since 1999, Hofstetter has been transforming buildings, monuments, and natural landscapes throughout the world into temporary works of art with his spectacular light art projections.

Gerry Hofstetter’s art does not just appeal to people’s predilection for the dramatic – his light images frequently also harbour profound messages. In 2003 and 2005, he displayed light art installations in the Antarctic for a project supporting the United Nations International Year of Water (2003). For the installation, he illuminated icebergs from an icebreaker, creating temporary memorials to illustrate the growing severity of global warming. He revisited the Arctic six more times, where his temporary art sculptures were directed at raising public awareness of the receding ice masses that endangered the habitat of polar bears.

Gerry Hofstetter travels all over the world to implement light art projects of all sizes. His creativity is a guarantee that clients will have their message in both the media and the public consciousness. With his illuminations, Hofstetter encourages the beholder to contemplate how our planet can develop in an environmentally-friendly, sustainable manner.