The Light Art Grand Tour USA 2017 - 2020

50 US Monuments in the spotlight – one per state –
exploring US history and the common roots of the United States of America and Switzerland.


The pioneering spirit of the LIGHT ART GRAND TOUR by Swiss Light Artist Gerry Hofstetter and his daughter Céline, remains a characteristic of American society today. The monuments featured in this extraordinary tour explore the history of particular locations. Each is an important piece in the jigsaw puzzle of the United States of America and its founding, and plays a role in fostering friendships with other countries, including tiny Switzerland. The USA and Switzerland share many common roots and political structures. Both are democracies with a federal system of government; the USA comprises 50 federal states and Switzerland has 26 states known as cantons. Both established their freedom and national independence by fighting off foreign forces, the USA on 4th July 1776 and Switzerland on 1st August 1291. Both are very internationally minded and their people live in peace.


The first year of the tour will focus on the original 13 states to join the Union, followed in the second and third years by the remaining states, from East to West, along the route taken by the pioneers who rolled back America’s frontiers. A Light Art performance will be organised for each selected monument or landmark. The fourth year will be devoted to the post-production of a film, book, 2021 calendar and art exhibitions. From 2020 onwards, art exhibitions will be presented in the USA and Switzerland.


The ultimate goal of our tour is to help citizens of the USA understand how both countries share the same core values of freedom, liberty and democracy. The tour’s logo reflects this history.